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Anilao Group Trip - Perfect for Photographers!

April 2013


Yawning Hairy Frogfish (Ben Jackson) Pair of Coleman Shrimps (Ben Jackson)


Anilao Group Trip - Perfect for Photographers!

Equator Diving recently held their first annual 'Perfect for Photographers' group trip - and for this inaugural trip the destination was Anilao in the Philippines! Our previous trip to Anilao had shown the amazing potential this destination had and for our group trip we stayed at Crystal Blue Resort. This resort caters perfectly to groups and with its large camera room and in-house Photo Pro it's a photographers dream. During our 10 night group trip we dived all of Anilao's best sites photographing everything from the smallest skeleton shrimps to huge balls of Jacks.

Clownfish in an anemone (Ben Jackson)

Tryon's Risbecia Nudibranch (Ben Jackson)


Bobbit Worm on a night dive (Ben Jackson)

Juvenile Frogfish swimming toward my camera! (Ben Jackson)



The Diving

On the critter sites we were finding many different types of Frogfish, Blue Ring Octopus, Harlequin Shrimp, Boxer Crabs, Hairy Squat Lobsters, Mantis Shrimps, Emperor Shrimp, Rhino Shrimp, Coleman Shrimps, Skeleton Shrimp, Pygmy Seahorse, Thorny Seahorse, Flamboyant Cuttlefish, Pygmy Cuttlefish, Bobtail Squid, Upside down Jellyfish, Ornate Ghost Pipefish, Anemone Pipe Eel, Blue Ribbon Eel, Bumble Bee Shrimps and a huge variety of Nudibranchs! Mixed in with the critter dives were wrecks dives and Anilao's famous Twin Rocks dive where a tornado of Jacks hang out. There were also plenty of night dives taking place and amongst other spectacles there were mating Frogfish and feeding Stargazers and Bobbit worms! And of course this is just a snap shot of what we saw on the trip - critter rich areas such as Anilao provide you with a never ending critter list!  


Pygmy Seahorse (Ben Jackson)

Harlequin Shrimp (Ben Jackson)


Moon-headed Sidegill Slug (Ben Jackson)

Batfish on Anilao's wreck (Ben Jackson)


Divers in a tornado of Jacks (Bonnie Jackson)


Clownfish (Bonnie Jackson)
Not what you expect to find on a dive! (Bonnie Jackson)

Rhino shrimp (Bonnie Jackson)


Evening Talks & The Photo Competition!

In the evenings there were talks on underwater photography techniques, the life of a police diver and working as a diver in the movie making industry! Toward the end of the trip we held a photo competition with guests entering up to 4 photos each spanning four categories: Wide Angle, Macro, Animal Behaviour and Image with an Underwater Model.


Anilao Photo Competition images >>>


Blue ring octopus (Bonnie Jackson)

Mantis shrimp (Bonnie Jackson)


Blenny (Bonnie Jackson)


Anilao's famous hunchback turtle (Bonnie Jackson)

A Royal welcome to the Philippines (Equator Diving)


Divers underneath their Banca (Bonnie Jackson)


Happy divers with their dive guide (Equator Diving)

Karaoke on the final night! (Equator Diving)


Happy divers with their dive guide (Equator Diving)

Happy divers with their dive guide (Equator Diving)



Join us on our next 'Perfect for Photographers' group trip...

Our next photography based group trip will be held at Maluku Divers Resort in Ambon 19-29 April 2014. Ambon and Maluku Divers Resort are on the 'must do' list of the world's best underwater photographers. Maluku Divers offers endless diving opportunities, with multiple critter sites, the Ambon Shipwreck and the Hukurila Caves all just a stone's throw away from the resort. The resort also has an excellent camera room.


Want to join our 2014 'Perfect for Photographers' Group Trip?

Maluku Divers Resort - Ambon - 19-29 April 2014 

Full Trip Details



Beachfront bungalow at Maluku Divers Resort (main picture), bedroom interior and dedicated camera room



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