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Exclusive Cendrawasih Bay Trips



Equator Diving offers special dive trips to Cendrawasih Bay each year on luxury liveaboards such as Dive Damai and MSY Seahorse. Some of our trips focus solely on Cenderawasih Bay whilst others combine Cendrawasih Bay with Raja Ampat. Below are a selection of the best trips to this unique area. For more information and to book email To read our 2012 trip report click here


Whale Sharks, Wrecks & Reefs

Cendrawasih Bay 11 night trip

On MSY Seahorse

11-22 August 2015

From 4,400USD



Whale Sharks, Wrecks & Reefs

Cendrawasih Bay 10 night trips

On MSY Seahorse

24 Aug-3 Sept & 5-15 Sept 2015

From 4,000USD


Whale Sharks, Wrecks & Reefs

Cendrawasih Bay 7 night trip

On MSY Seahorse

16-23 September 2015

From 2,800USD




Diving with Cendrawasih Bay's whale sharks

When diving with the whale sharks in Cenderawasih Bay, you don’t just see one swimming by, they stay at the same location for hours. Sometimes there are just a few (2-3) but if you are lucky it is teaming with whale sharks. The reason for them staying at one spot is because they like to suck on the nets of the soft net fishing boats. These boats use small fish kept in a big net under the boat to attract bigger fish. The whale sharks swim up to these nets and start sucking on them. Around the world policies are put in place to snorkel with whale sharks instead of diving as the sharks do not like the bubbles. The whale sharks of Cenderawasih Bay are different, they swim into the bubbles on purpose- for some reason they appear to like the feeling, they will even try to ‘gulp’ the bubbles with their mouths.


Feeding Whale Shark in Cendrawasih Bay (Equator Diving)


Cendrawasih Bay's amazing Whale Sharks (Ben & Bonnie Jackson - Equator Diving)




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