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Lembeh Strait & Gangga Island

For anyone interested in Macro Critters and underwater photography there is simply no better place in the world than North Sulawesi and the most famous dive spot here is the Lembeh Strait. Open up any coffee table book featuring macro critters and you can be sure Lembeh’s name will appear again and again. The list of critters that can be encountered at Lembeh is endless and it was in Lembeh that the magnificent Wunderpus was first discovered! In recent years the small island of Gangga has been emerging as another favourite place for divers to base themselves. From Gangga Island divers have access to the underwater wonders of the rarely dived islands of Banka, Talisei, Tindila and Lihaga, and if you wish to venture further afield, the dives sites of Bunaken or Lembeh can be reached in just 75 minutes. Another option for exploring North Sulawesi is by liveaboard and Tambora offers North Sulawesi itineraries that include newly discovered dive areas to the West of Bunaken.

Lembeh & Gangga Resorts

North Sulawesi Liveaboards