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Special trips to North & South Raja Ampat

10 night trips on Indo Siren Liveaboard

Trip dates: 20 Feb-2 March 2014 and 9-19 April 2014



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SY Indo Siren

Schooling Sweetlips, one of the iconic sights of Raja Ampat (Scotty Graham)


Experience the richest reefs in the World!

Raja Ampat is probably the hottest diving location on the planet right now, amazing scientists and divers alike, with its sheer number of species, big and small. In Raja Ampat screens of glassfish hide Tasselled Wobbegongs and at night the ‘walking sharks’ come out to play. Pygmy Seahorse cling to spectacular sea fans and there are unforgettable Manta congregations and Mushroom Island landscapes. Many underwater photographers testify that no where on earth can compete with Raja Ampat and they return again and again to produce stunning cover shots! Our special trips in 2014 will visit the very best of Raja Ampat - taking in the highlights of both North and South regions all from the comfort of the SY Indo Siren liveaboard. 


Raja Ampat is Paradise! (Scotty Graham)

Rare Sargassum frogfish (Scotty Graham)


The Diving

In the North of Raja Ampat the currents produce high adrenaline dives, whilst in the South the diving has a more relaxing feel. Some of the key areas in North Raja Ampat include the Gam Islands with the famous Passage dive site, Arborek Island with close by Manta Sandy dive site, and the Dampier Strait, home to Kri and Mansuar Islands. In the Dampier strait you can dive for day after day on the richest dive sites in the world - including Sardine reef, Cape Kri, Mioskon and newly discovered Roland's Woho.

Diving in the Dampier Strait expect large schools of trevally, barracuda, fusiliers, bumphead parrotfish, sweetlips, batfish, reef sharks, mantas, lots of wobbegong, pygmy seahorse, frogfish and on sunset and night dives, the Papuan Epaulette shark, ornate ghost pipefish and toadfish! It was at Kri Island that the Ichthyologist Dr Gerald Allen famously identified 283 different species of fish on a single dive.

Closer to Sorong is Batanta Island where macro enthusiasts can fill their cameras with photo of wunderpus, mimic octopus and other critter favourites! In the South of Raja Ampat the diving is focused around Misool and it's small neighbouring islands and again it is the diversity of Raja Ampat that makes this such a special area. Photographers always love the South as there are less currents and a perfusion of fish life both big and small. Dive sites such as Nudi Rock, Batu Tiga and Neptunes Sea Fans are always amongst the favourites.

Manta cleaning station in Raja Ampat (Scotty Graham)

Wobbegong in Raja Ampat (Bonnie Jackson)


North & South Raja Ampat itinerary

Day 1- Embark in Sorong

Day 2- Batanta Island (North Raja Ampat)

Day 3- Pulau Wagmab and Pulau Farondi (South Raja Ampat)

Day 4- Pulau Wayilbatan, Pulau Wayil and Pulau Kalig (South Raja Ampat)

Day 5- Misool (South Raja Ampat)

Day 6- Pulau Gam and Yangeffo (North Raja Ampat)

Day 7- Mansuar Island and Arborek (North Raja Ampat)

Day 8- Mansuar Island and the Dampier Strait (North Raja Ampat)

Day 9- Mansuar Island and the Dampier Strait (North Raja Ampat)

Day 10- Batanta Island (North Raja Ampat)

Day 11- Disembark in Sorong


North & South Raja Ampat route

Pygmy Seahorse in Raja Ampat (Bonnie Jackson)


The Boat

The 40 metre SY Indo Siren has been designed and built using the lessons learnt from previous Siren yachts. The large cabins have an elegant teak finish and can accommodate both double and twin sleeping arrangements. The dining area is spacious offering a great setting for all your meals. The dive deck has more space and there are excellent facilities for underwater photographers and videographers. With designated areas for charging and preparation of your camera and video equipment, the SY Indo Siren truly sets out to be the pros choice. Built on the Indonesian Island of Sulawesi, she is a traditional “gaft rigged Phinisi” handcrafted from ironwood and teak.


Double cabin, Indo Siren

Saloon, Indo Siren


Cost and arrangements

The cost of the trip is 2,650GBP (3,200EURO) including 10 nights on the Indo Siren, 32 dives (inc 5 night dives), free Nitrox, equipment rental, all meals, soft drinks, beer, tea/coffee and return transfers between Sorong airport and the vessel. There are daily flights from worldwide destinations to Jakarta or Singapore and connecting flights with Sorong. Equator Diving will happily handle all of your flight and hotel arrangements.


Optional add-ons

These trips can easily be combined with a resort stay in Ambon, Lembeh or Gangga Island for some of the world's finest critter diving. The April trip has been specifically timed to fit with our Special Ambon Group Trip (19-29 April 2014) - talk to us about the options!


How to book

To book your place call us on 0161 442 7703

or email us at or fill out our booking request form >>>

From abroad call +44 161 442 7703


Mushroom Islands, Raja Ampat (Scotty Graham)

Sun deck, Indo Siren



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