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The Bahamas offers some exceptional Big Fish diving with a range of shark species. The most famous spot is Tiger Beach located off the West End of Grand Bahama Island where you can encounter Tiger Sharks, Bull Sharks, Caribbean Reef Sharks and Lemon Sharks on a shallow, white sandy bottom. This is the ultimate site for close up big shark encounters! The other shark hotspot in the Bahamas is the Bimini Islands. The westernmost island group of the Bahamas, these are truly ‘islands in the stream’ as they are situated southwest of Grand Bahama Island on the edge of an underwater cliff that drops hundreds of metres into the blue abyss. The Bimini Islands are the most famous spot for Great Hammerhead and Nurse Shark encounters. You will normally also find Bull Sharks at the Bimini Islands. The best time to encounter Great Hammerheads at Bimini is during the winter months.

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