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We just wanted to say thank you very much for your efforts in arranging the trip. The diving at Alor was again excellent. The resort is again managed on site these days by Rohme and Max. They continue to do a brilliant job.

Lynn & Allan – UK
Alami Alor Resort, 2022

Back from Palau and thank you for all your help in getting us organised with this. I would recommend Palau Siren as one of the best liveaboards I have done as the dive operation was exceptional, food excellent and the whole crew were outstanding.

Andy & Alison – UK
Palau Siren Liveaboard, 2022

Thank you, Thank You for the absolutely amazing trip!! I’m still pinching myself to believe it was real. It was everything I dreamt it would be; amazing, beautiful diving, Mantas, Dolphins, Sharks Sharks Sharks, Whales, and the most wonderful dive companions – some of which will now be lifelong friends. The boat and my cabin were fabulous. The Crew went above and beyond expectations, they simply could not do enough to please us all, and we all left very pleased and satisfied with our amazing adventure.

Traci – USA
Socorro on Valentina Liveaboard, 2020

We arrived back from the Galapagos trip yesterday. We had some truly excellent dives – the number of Hammerheads and Galapagos sharks was unbelievable, and we saw 6 Whale sharks!

Julia & Rainer – Ireland
Galapagos on Humboldt Explorer Liveaboard, 2019

We got home today and I wanted to thank you so much for arranging such an amazing holiday for us – a truly memorable experience. Fantastic diving, excellent boat, exceptional crew (especially Poncho the Chef !!!) and extremely professional & knowledgable guides.
Thank you so much for making all the arrangements, your professionalism and excellent customer service.

Nick & Tracy – UK
Socorro on Valentina Liveaboard, 2019

Had a fabulous time on Valentina; the crew are fantastic and the group were absolutely great. Have made some lovely friends.

Toni – UK
Socorro on Valentina Liveaboard, 2019

I just wanted to say what a fabulous trip we had on Solmar V out to Socorro, it was great diving with wonderful graceful Mantas, playful dolphins in and out of the water, sharks – silky, white tipped, Galapagos and Hammerheads! Then of course, lobsters, trumpet, free swimming eels, puffers, schools of Jacks galore, tuna schools and yellow fins – wow they were enormous! Great boat and lovely people, it was a superb. Thank you for organising.

Denise – UK
Socorro on Solmar V Liveaboard, 2019

Thanks for a great trip to Bimini/Tiger Beach this January. Absolutely amazing and definitely something I will do again.

Daniel – Sweden
Tiger Beach & Bimini on Bahamas Master Liveaboard, 2019

I just wanted to tell you that the Dewi trip you booked for us was really great. This is a great boat and great staff.
For me, better than the Waow so thanks for reacting quickly and getting us rebooked.

John – USA
Raja Ampat & Halmahera on Dewi Nusantara Liveaboard, 2019
Group rebooked from Waow liveaboard to Dewi Nusantara after Waow fire incident

AWESOME!!!! Amazing experience diving with Mike and Shawn! Chris has been a great guy keeping things running during the entire trip. Overall an experience of a lifetime, very much appreciated!

Fredrik – Sweden
Tiger Beach & Bimini on Bahamas Master Liveaboard, 2019

The Damai 2 is a full service boat from arrival to your flight out. One of the niceties is unlimited dive times for most dives. So for us, that usually meant 70-85 minute dives, a few shorter, a few longer.
The food was fabulous. Breakfast was ordered before the first dive and made when you were ready. Menus for the day were posted in the morning and you discussed your preferences with the servers during breakfast.
Deck service and amenities were also top notch. I loved having my own camera rinse tank by my dive station. Tanks and fins loaded for the first two dive boats before the dive briefing, including the cameras, all the help I could possibly need to get ready to fall into the water from the dive boat, and great guides.
Rooms were spacious and also comfortable. Laundry service was free.
When it was time to leave the boat the crew allowed for a leisurely breakfast. They had been drying our equipment for us all night so we packed in the morning at our convenience. There was a gathering place for checked baggage which was taken to the airport for us, pre-checked, and boarding passes gathered.
Then after an equally leisurely lunch we headed to the airport where we were handed our boarding passes and baggage claim checks in time to walk onto our flights. That is not a service I’ve ever gotten from a Liveaboard before and I loved it.

Ladonna – USA
Raja Ampat & Banda Sea on Damai II Liveaboard, 2018

Just emailing to give you some feedback on my recent Indo Siren trip. I expected good diving, as I had already experienced Raja Ampat from two years before. Even so, it exceeded my expectations. It was a truly great experience. The crew and ship were amazingly well organized and friendly. I also really liked the length of this trip. Most liveaboard tours seem to run ten days or less. I would not have been ready to go home after ten. I’ll definitely keep a watch on your future trips.

John – USA
Flores to Raja Ampat on Indo Siren Liveaboard, 2018

We had a lovely holiday in Komodo and Alor. The Indo Siren is still a great boat and the arrival of Ed and Shu as CDs-to-be meant that there were plenty of guides. Good diving, food, staff and boat!
Alami Alor was also a great place. The bungalows are comfortable and the food is good (although cake for dessert every day was a shame!). Again, plenty of dive guides and some great diving – we saw a Whale on the surface and 7 Hammerheads on our last dive! Lots of small stuff, too. Pete and Valli ran the resort really well. Pete was very accommodating about where we dived – changing the schedule to fit in with what we wanted to see. Valli organised the resort extremely well and it ran very smoothly.
Thanks for all your organising – it all worked out brilliantly.

Paul & Rosemary – UK
Komodo on Indo Siren Liveaboard & Alami Alor Resort, 2018

We have just returned from the fantastic out of the way remote Alami Alor dive resort with pristine coral reefs with a zing to their colours due to the spring clean twice a day with the cold water movement.
With only 12 guests in spacious bungalows all with A/C and sea views, leave the curtains open at night and drift off to sleep with the sound of the surf and silhouette of the overhanging trees. When the tide is in, juvenile Blacktip Reef Sharks are only meters away in the shallows and kingfishers and dippers on the rocks.
The diving is two boat dives in the morning leaving the jetty at 8:00, with homemade cookies and tea or coffee between dives and back in time for lunch at 13:00.
On the way back the cold water currents come up from the deep giving some very impressive water movement on the surface, bringing in the Mola Mola, we had one nearly every day, you can get in and snorkel with them if you are quick.
The afternoon dive is a local boat dive mainly muck diving or you could do the house reef to see the mandarin fish only 5mts away from the jetty at 3mts. You will be the only divers in the area.
Fantastic coral reefs, remote dive location, fantastic photo opportunities of fish life, what is not to like! We will definitely go back and dive the best reefs you will see!

Phil & Joan – UK
Alami Alor Resort, 2018

Just back. Wonderful trip. Hannah and I really enjoyed the diving in Komodo and thought the Mermaid team were great.
Probably the best crew we have had looking after us in terms of service, teamwork and atmosphere they created. The on board videographer was also a really nice surprise and bonus. All liveaboards should have them!
Thanks for organising everything.

Chris & Hannah – UK
Komodo on Mermaid I Liveaboard, 2018

Just came back from the Valentina trip to Revillagigedo, it was the trip of a lifetime and I couldn’t possibly be any happier with that boat, the crew and the diving. Mind blowingly close Manta and Whale Shark encounters, a bunch of Hammerheads, Galapagos and other Sharks and some Dolphins. Good weather, too. All that is mostly luck. What is not just luck is how well the crew worked together, and the standard of food, comfort and safety on that boat. I’m a tour guide myself, and I so appreciated the communication, the flow and organisation on this trip. Every time when I started to ask myself ‘Hmm, wonder how they do this, what happens next, and why”, here was Lorenzo with his trusty whiteboard, giving us all the needed info, in easily digestible bites. That man is worth his not inconsiderable weight in gold! The whole crew, actually. Rarely have I been taken care of so well yet relaxed, without fuss. Everyone working together smoothly, happily, fulfilling our wishes often before we had a chance to even ask. Large cabins, comfortable beds, enough fresh towels and sheets to keep everyone happy, and the food!! I was afraid they were going to run out of extra weights by the end of the week, the way they fed us! Highly highly highly recommended.

Christina – Canada
Socorro on Valentina Liveaboard, 2018

We had a great time in Socorro! Whale Sharks, Mantas galore, Dolphins, and some Hammers and Galapagos Sharks for fun. The boat crew was terrific.

Bob – USA
Socorro on Valentina Liveaboard, 2018

I wanted to say thanks for a super trip… Socorro offered lots and delivered. I am sure others have been in contact and said how great it was but it was excellent. Once again thanks to yourself, the team at Equator Diving and MV Valentina for a great trip.

Chris – UK
Socorro on Valentina Liveaboard, 2018

Btw, Galapagos was fantastic. Darwin and especially Wolf delivered — our dives there over 3 days were better than any of my dives at Malpelo. And the day at Isabela (5 molas on the first dive! 3 molas on the 2nd dive! plus a few more at the top that were only silhouettes) and at Fernandina (marine iguanas) were also definitely memorable. So, Galapagos is in my to-repeat list.

Alex – USA
Galapagos Master Liveaboard, 2017

Just returned from Malpelo with Kitty and Yen on the MV Yemaya II. Thanks for arranging a great trip! Great group of people on the boat. Cheers!

Young – Canada
Malpelo on Yemaya Liveaboard, 2017

We have finished the week of diving on Humboldt which was amazing! Thank you for planning our trip. It was the stuff of dreams.

Yu Ling & Andreas – Switzerland
Galapagos on Humboldt Explorer Liveaboard, 2017

I wanted to thank you and Equator Diving for arranging another fantastic dive trip. The Fiji Siren and crew were outstanding… in fact, above and beyond expectations.

Rick – USA
Fiji Siren Liveaboard, 2017

Thank you so much for the Maldives trip, we had a great time. The boat is lovely and the crew were just super. It was such a good holiday, we now need to plan another one!

Ann & Mikhail – Malta
Maldives on Carpe Novo Liveaboard, 2017

I’ve been meaning to send a note of thanks for the flawless arrangements on the Galápagos trip. We had an excellent dive trip, ticking just about every divers list of ‘must see’ fish & fauna, including the biggest Whale Shark I have ever seen. The water was a tad cold at around 19deg average – the last couple of dives for Iguana the temp dropped to 15deg, so double wet suited on those!! The Aggressor crew were excellent. Felt very safe in the water with the dive guides & surface crew manning the Panga’s, who were attentive without being too fussy. Food was top notch. Summary is, the trip was expensive, but worth every penny.

Mick – UK
Galapagos Aggressor Liveaboard, 2016

I just wanted to say that we had a wonderful time on Damai II. Simon and Andrina were wonderful, and the crew was fabulous as well. We did 33 dives and loved them all. Indonesia is a strange place, but fortunately the dive sites are remote and terrific. Thanks again for arranging for my short tank. It was perfect.

Bob & Maddy – USA
Banda Sea & Triton Bay on Damai II Liveaboard, 2016

PNG diving was SPECTACULAR!!! Loved the diving and the boat and all the characters on board, including captain Alan who was quite an interesting character! :)

Manomi – USA
Papua New Guinea on FeBrina Liveaboard, 2016

Just have to say what an awesome trip, thanks for sorting, was amazing. Diving was top notch and the submersible was great. Sharks, sharks and sharks, and Tigers!!!!! Boat and crew were excellent too. Was really amazing, maybe even better then Galapagos!!!!???? Had a massive Galapagos shark on one of the night dives. Amazing!!!!!

Donna – UK
Cocos on Sea Hunter Liveaboard, 2016

Back home now after a very good trip on the Philippine Siren. We had lots of very varied diving. Everything from muck diving and critters to Whale Sharks and Thresher Sharks. We met some lovely, funny people from all over the world on the boat and thoroughly enjoyed their company. This trip was the one that Allan won from Equator Diving at the dive show last year, so it pays to enter competitions.

Lynn & Allan – UK
Malapascua & The Visayas on Philippine Siren Liveaboard, 2016

Just a short note to thank you for a fantastic an well organised diving trip to Cocos Island from 02-12 Sept 2016!
It was the best diving ever!
Hope to join more diving trips with your company in the future.

Karsten & Mie – Denmark
Cocos on Sea Hunter Liveaboard, 2016

Malpelo was truly amazing. I think the diving was actually better than Cocos. Boat and crew were also fantastic. Silkies, Hammerheads, Whale Sharks, Galapagos Sharks and Eagle Rays on just about every dive. Really was breath taking stuff at one point there were so many Silky Sharks circling us. A really well organised trip we actually got exactly what was on the box and more :) :) :)

Karen & Glen – UK
Malpelo on Yemaya Liveaboard, 2016

The Aggressor was fabulous. Absolutely the best dive trip ever. The staff, boat, itinerary, diving were exceptional.

Mary & Mark – UK
Galapagos Aggressor Liveaboard, 2016

The Siren was great and these last 2 days of shark diving with Beqa were awesome. I am so glad we booked the 2 days and could highly recommend it.

Lori & Jasper – Canada
Fiji Siren Liveaboard & Pearl South Pacific Resort, 2016

We saw amazing stuff, big schools of fish, hundreds of morays, Whale Sharks up close, hundreds of Silkies, a Hammerhead highway and the biggest shoals of butterfly fish, jacks and grey mullet I’ve ever seen.

Ian – UK
Malpelo on Yemaya Liveaboard, 2016

Just to let you know we loved Lembeh, the resort, dive centre and guides were fantastic. Food was to die for and everyone was just so nice, it felt like home!!

Tony & Janet – UK
Lembeh Resort in Indonesia, 2016

Just wanted to thank all at Equator for making the trip on Carpe Novo’s maiden voyage absolutely brill!

Christine – UK
Maldives on Carpe Novo Liveaboard, 2016

This Malpelo trip we just returned from was probably the best diving we have done. Thank you for all your help with everything.

Shannon & Solomon – USA
Malpelo on Yemaya Liveaboard, 2016

Thank you for arranging my trip on the Indo Siren to Raja Ampat. RA lived up to its reputation as did the Indo Siren. I have been within schools of baitfish before but on a couple of the dives it was a wondrous thing. Everywhere I looked sometimes blocking the reef or the surface silver sparkles here, there, everywhere and I loved it. Once we had the Mobulas sweeping into it. Yet if I had to say my most favorite experience it was my first oceanic Manta.

Deb – USA
Raja Ampat on Indo Siren Liveaboard, 2016

I’ve just returned home from my trip to Socorro and just thought I would drop you a line to let you know what an absolutely amazing mind blowing trip it was and I just wanted to thank you for helping make it happen for me. The whole booking experience and your service was first class! I have been recommending you to all my diving friends and hope that will bring some new business for you. I will have no hesitation in booking with you again.
Big Thanks,
A very very happy customer

Ian – UK
Socorro on Solmar V Liveaboard, 2015

Thanks for your help in arranging the Maldives trip – had a fabulous time. The Carpe Diem was excellent & the Manta night dive is now one of my all time life experiences, absolutely amazing.

Mick – UK
Maldives on Carpe Diem Liveaboard, 2015

Just a brief note to let you know we had a fantastic dive trip on Febrina (our second) last week.
Alan and his crew do a great job and the diving is sensational.

Tony – Australia
Papua New Guinea on FeBrina Liveaboard, 2015

I just wanted to drop you a quick message to let you know what an amazing time my girlfriend and I had on our recent Stingray liveaboard trip in the Maldives.
The dive sites were first-class, the crew were really friendly and helpful and the dive guides were very knowledgeable. The boat was comfortable and the food was delicious. Snorkeling with Manta Rays and Whalesharks, and their ‘special’ night dive were truly out of this world. There may be more luxurious (and expensive) liveaboards on the market, but the Stingray and her crew provided everything we needed for a really excellent holiday. I will definitely recommend the trip to our friends.
We will hopefully be booking another trip with you soon.

Tom & Rachel – UK
Maldives on Stingray Liveaboard, 2015

Just a quick note to say thanks so much for organising our trip.
We had a great time….Puri Santrian was perfect to recover from our long haul flight…so thank you so much for that.
The Wakatobi guys were great (our bags got delayed by 12 hrs inbound, but they assisted us, so it was worry free!)
Wakatobi is an awesome place…fantastic dive setup. Our villa was brilliant and we felt very special with our pool overlooking the sea.
The staff were brilliant, our divemaster was fabulous, and we had a super time… will send on some pics soon, but just wanted to get a quick thanks in now!

Lyndall & Glenise – UK
Wakatobi Dive Resort in Indonesia, 2015

Just to say thanks for sorting out our holiday to Atmosphere. We had a great time, the resort was great and the diving even better….. Saw loads of amazing critters and lots of seahorses :-)

Carol & Debbie – UK
Atmosphere Resort & Spa in the Philippines, 2015

Great trip at Wakatobi. There are really all about the personal service. Everyone on the Island knew my name from the resort owner to the staff in the restaurant, to my dive guide, to the boat staff. The oceanfront bungalow was right next to the longhouse so I didn’t have to walk far, a very spacious camera room, they wash all the gear for you. One dive guide to 4 guests max. The boats to the dive sites are large, there’s full cover and even an actual toilet on there. The reefs were absolutely stunning, some of the most gorgeous I’ve seen – right up there with Raja Ampat without the current.

Bonnie – Hong Kong
Wakatobi Dive Resort in Indonesia, 2015

We just wanted to say that we had an amazing time in Cocos, and the Argo was an awesome boat. Already looking forward to our liveaboard trip for next year, wherever it might end up being!

Peter & Ye Na – USA
Cocos on Argo Liveaboard, 2015

The trip was really great thank you. It was kind of Ben to ask them to look after me, which they did. It’s a wonderful boat and a great crew. Very pleased to see a blue ringed octopus in the last few minutes of the very last dive (at the Unusual Suspects).
Need to book my next trip now.

Charles – UK
Komodo on Indo Siren Liveaboard, 2015

Great trip, great people, great food. What else could I ask for? Well, a few more dives like the last one at Blue Corner would be nice :)

Yen – Canada
Palau Siren Liveaboard, 2015

We both enjoyed the holiday very much indeed – especially the whole Palau trip – diving, boat, food, people etc.

Paul & Rosemary – UK
Palau Siren Liveaboard, 2015

Just returned from my trip to Raja Ampat and felt the need to express my gratitude to all of you for running an impeccable operation.
Boy, it’s hard to get back to work!

Harry – Australia
Raja Ampat on Indo Siren Liveaboard, 2015

Bonnie, I know it may sound a little silly but it meant a lot to have someone pulling for us. You were the only “travel agents” that cared to get involved. Since none of us were consistently getting information out, or in, it was good to have someone to be able to check on statuses. So you didn’t just help/reassure Annette and I, you reassured all of the guests from the Siren. Brave, don’t know about that. These things happen. Especially when I travel with Annette (airplanes fall out of the sky by our boat, boats sink, typhoons, tsunamis,etc.) Hmmmm. Just a coincidence I’m sure. I mean we haven’t had any catastrophic volcanic eruptions or hippo attacks yet.

Ladonna & Annette – USA
Palau Siren and Truk Siren Liveaboards, 2015
In Truk during Typhoon Maysak

The boat was superb, really well organised and everything you could want as a diver had been thought of. The crew were well trained and knew just how much or how little assistance was needed. Food was plentiful and good.
We needed an extra wetsuit each in south komodo as the temp was 21 degrees! Also a hood was essential to make an hour dive possible.
The currents were strong on a couple of dives, the vis varied a lot. We got mantas at three sites.

Lynn & Allan – UK
Komodo on Amira Liveaboard, 2014

I am still dreaming about our trip it was great, thank you very much for organizing it.

Dmitry – USA
Cocos on Argo Liveaboard, 2014

I would like to compliment Equator Diving on all of the travel arrangements. Every aspect of the trip was flawless. Thank you very much for both the pre-trip planning and guidance as well as the actual trip logistics.
The Palau Siren lived up to its reputation and exceeded my expectations in terms of accommodations, food, staff, dive guides and dive locations. The word that comes to mind is “professionalism”– from beginning to end, it was a fantastic vacation.
Thanks again… I am looking forward to booking another trip with Equator in 2015.

Rick – USA
Palau Siren Liveaboard, 2014

Would just like to let you know the live aboard was awesome. The setup could not have been better; the dive masters were brilliant and clearly enjoyed their job; the whole crew was fantastic; and the dive sites – the best….maybe one ’ok’ dive out the 20…we were so spoilt with fabulous sea life, big & small, and big schools…. glorious coral (soft & hard)…If there’s one live aboard to do – I’d recommend this one.

Lyndall & Glenise – UK
Maldives on Carpe Vita Liveaboard, 2014

It was truly a gift to have been able to dive at Tubbataha and I will never forget the richness of the sea life or the clarity of the water. The temperature of the water made for very comfortable diving, even though it may not have been good for the coral. If you have clients that can’t tolerate cold water, Tubbataha (and everywhere we went in the Philippines for that matter) is definitely where they should be heading.
That’s it for us. Thanks again for your help in organizing our trip and we will touch base when it comes time to finalize the Fiji trip.

Bob & Maddy – USA
Tubbataha Reef on Philippine Siren Liveaboard, 2014

What an amazing trip!
Slightly dubious start with AA leaving my bag in Miami with all my clothes and dive gear in it, but Aggressor guys managed to get it sorted so it arrived before the trip up to Darwin and Wolf – but somewhat stressful for a while!
Saw everything on the list.
2-3 whalesharks on each of the six dives at Darwin, and 2-300 hammerheads on all the Wolf dives.
Had a ‘moment’ when the group was surrounded and constantly circled by 10-12 very aggressive silkys during a safety stop, but all’s well that ends well!
Thanks for making me realise than cancelling was not an option and for all the effort in getting me on the boat originally.
A trip that will never be forgotten. There really is nowhere else quite like it – both above and below the water…

Mike – UK
Galapagos Aggressor Liveaboard, 2014

Just a quick note to say thanks for all your help. It was an amazing trip!! and I am certainly going to share your details with my diving mates.

Andrew – Australia
Cendrawasih Bay & Raja Ampat on Seahorse Liveaboard, 2014

Cocos is such a special place really touched our hearts as well did the service and friendliness of the crew. Whatever happens we are defo up for the 2016 trip when you get the dates. From Cocos a holic and diving duo Glen and Karen.

Karen & Glen – UK
Cocos on Argo Liveaboard, 2014

Jan and I had a fantastic time on the trip. The diving is an extremely close 2nd to the Galapagos in my opinion. I was blown away by the life on the reefs and the stunning condition of the coral, on occasions it was difficult to know where to look first! Thanks for the links to the trip report and your excellent photos. Best wishes and thanks again for organising such a wonderful trip and experience – it was a great bunch of people.

Denise & Jan – UK
Papua New Guinea on FeBrina Liveaboard, 2014

Have just got back from the Maldives. It was absolutely fabulous. We saw so many sharks, grey reefs, white tips, black tips, and even a leopard shark. The mantas were awesome. We did the night dive with them. There were about 7 of them feeding under the lights of a near by boat. I was positioned just where they were cruising by – they came out of the darkness and continuously swooped over us. (I thought I had died and gone to heaven!) They were huge and so close. Then the next day we snorkelled with them in daylight – up to 10 of them. They were just inches away. OMG it was fantastic. On other dives we also saw eagle rays and marbled rays, turtles and so much more. It was one of the best trips I’ve done.

Rose – UK
Maldives, 2013

Many thanks for your organisation of our trip to anilao and dimakya, we really enjoyed it – the diving, the company and the food. We found the contact with other photographers very useful and it was heartening to know that others have the same problems getting the exact photos they want.

Allan & Lynn – UK
Philippines, 2013

I have to say that the Galapagos trip was just sooo awesome that I’ve been lost for somewhere else to go to top it!

Donna – UK
Galapagos on Buddy Dive Liveaboard, 2013

Just wanted to say thanks for organising such a wonderful trip so far – Damai was fantastic and the whale sharks are truly a sight to behold!

Yu Ling – Switzerland
Cendrawasih Bay on Damai Liveaboard, 2013

Had a great time in the Maldives – mantas galore, snorkelled with a whale shark, sunshine, good food and warmth – what more could a girl ask for? Thank you very much for arranging everything.

Barbara – UK
Maldives, 2013

Amazing Photos!! An excellent reminder of an unbelievable trip. It is too easy to forgot how many incredible encounters we had.
Ben, you might have the best hammerhead shot but Bonnie kicked your butt onland! Also got great colour at Cape Douglas, most of my photos there are useless. You guys really have captured everything that was on offer!
Thanks again for a fantastic experience, what a honeymoon!

John & Jennie – UK
Galapagos on Buddy Dive Liveaboard, 2013

We had a great time on the trip. we were blown away by the mantas – both the night dive in really poor vis and the daytime snorkel where we had 7 or 8 mantas circling for 20 minutes and had to be dragged out of the water.
The company on the boat was great and we were entertained by one or two of the real characters – e.g. Adam. pic of him attempting to kiss a manta attached – don’t know what he thought it would turn into!
The boat and crew were very good and Allan has to complain as he put on half a stone in the week, I haven’t dared to get weighed yet.
Many thanks for all your organisation, everything went went well as usual.
Looking forward to Ambon now.

Lynn & Allan – UK
Maldives, 2013

Thanks again for such a wonderful trip, it has been sooooo hard getting back to normal life.

Shannon & Russell – Australia
Cendrawasih Bay on Damai Liveaboard, 2012

Just to let you know that both Debbie and I had a fantastic holiday at Atlantis. The accomodation was of an excellent standard and always well maintained. All the staff were so friendly and helpful, nothing was ever too much trouble. The meals at the restaurant were also excellent and with a very wide choice even I, who cant eat pasta, mushrooms, seafood, peppers and a lot of other stuff, was still well catered for.
We had two brilliant trips to Apo Island and one to Siquijor Island. The other dives were muck dives along the coast where we saw many critters I’d never seen before and were fascinating. The guides all have amazing spotting talents and equally good knowledge about the creatures we’d seen. Debbie, with the help of the guides organised an “octopus hunt” dive for my 900th and I was also given a special T shirt. That was incredible and we saw poison ocelet, coconut octopus and many more. We even saw a wonderpuss – my first. The night dives were some of the best I’ve ever done, thanks to Paul for those.
It was nice to dive where the staff look after and carry all your equipment – makes for real easy diving, just a matter of checking it over. The Azores liveaboard was moored just off the resort and we were also given a guided tour of it one afternoon.
Thanks again for sorting this holiday. We really had a wonderful time.

Rose & Debbie – UK
Atlantis Dumaguete Resort in the Philippines, 2012

Thanks for the voucher for Maluku Divers Resort and the brilliant Holiday Itinerary.
Thank you again for all the good work you have done helping us organise this trip.
Thanks again Bonnie and we won’t hesitate to recommend you to others.

John & Pat – UK
Maluku Divers Resort in Ambon, 2012

Just to say we had a wonderful trip – the diving was stupendous – saw my first wobegong shark (weird aren’t they) and epaullette shark. The shoals of big fish (barracuda, snappers, jacks, bat fish etc etc ) were just wonderful to hang out in. Unfortunately because of cloud we didn’t get to the passage but we did do the Fam Islands – speechless – the scenery above and the coral gardens was unbelievable. The accomodation was brilliant being out above the water, the food was plentiful and delicious. All in all I had a great time.

Rose – UK
Kri Eco Resort in Raja Ampat, 2011

Over a two week period in November and December 2011 we visited Raja Ampat in Papua on a trip set up by Equator Diving.
Given the remote location of the island chain we are deeply indebted to Equator Diving, who, it must be said, are clearly most qualified in this are due the fact that director Bonnie comes from Jakarta.
The trip was fabulous, indeed all of our party saw it in the same light. The diving was the very best that any of us had ever undertaken and no one could fail to be extremely impressed by the sheer profusion of marine life. Raja Ampat is a site that I would recommend to anyone as a “must do” site.
And the million dollar question: would we book a trip with Equator Diving again? Definitely; Bonnie and Ben couldn’t do enough for us; it was a truly wonderful experience for everyone involved.

Martyn & Helen – UK
Kri Eco Resort in Raja Ampat, 2011

We had a fabulous trip. The accomodation was terrific, I loved the closeness to nature!
I will take the memories of hanging in amongst the most amazing shoals of fish with me forever. A truly remarkable experience.

Debbie – UK
Kri Eco Resort in Raja Ampat, 2011