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Cocos Island

Cocos Island, a UNESCO world heritage site, has a deserved reputation for some of the greatest shark diving on the planet and the majority of schooling Hammerhead photos are taken here. Cocos is 300 miles off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica and is the largest uninhabited island in the world. 20 square miles in area, Cocos is blessed with lush rain forest, tumbling waterfalls and towering cliffs that add to the feeling of mystery that surrounds this isolated island.

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Nowhere else on this planet can pelagic fish be encountered in such numbers, schools of trevally and snapper number in their thousands whilst the sight of over 200 Hammerheads is beyond comparison. Another highlight for many divers in Cocos is Tiger sharks – it is not uncommon to encounter multiple Tiger sharks in a single trip to Cocos. Silky sharks are also seen in great numbers, whilst Blacktips are present on most dives and Silvertips are encountered at Silverado cleaning station. The big plankton feeders, Whale sharks and huge Mantas come along to add to the spectacle and a close relative of Mantas, Devil (Mobula) rays, are seen in schools. Schools of Marbled stingrays is another famous site at Cocos as are the Red-lipped Batfish. And when you think you’ve seen everything this magical Island has to give, Cocos hits you with one final surprise, a night dive at Manuelita where hundreds of Whitetip sharks enter a feeding frenzy on the sea floor digging fish out of their hiding spots!

Cocos Liveaboards