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Meet the Team

Equator Diving was founded by Ben and Bonnie Jackson following years of travel to some of the most remote corners of the world in search of virgin reefs and amazing underwater encounters. Over the years Equator Diving has evolved and today we are proud to offer exceptional diving adventures to all of the world’s best dive destinations. Equator Diving is based in the UK but our clients come from all corners of the globe.

Our Exclusive Trips
We have a particular focus on exclusive liveaboard charters and group trips which can be found on our Exclusive Trips page. When possible we like to escort these trips so we can really get to know our clients. Our exclusive trips range from destinations yet to be discovered by the international dive community to well-known areas where our focus is always on making sure we dive at the right time of year and if appropriate with the right phase of the moon to maximise underwater encounters.

Exploring New Destinations in Indonesia
Currently one of the most exciting areas of the world for exploration is Indonesia where new dive spots are constantly being discovered. Bonnie’s roots lie firmly in Indonesia having grown up there and both Bonnie and Ben speak fluent Indonesian. As such we are constantly looking for the next great dive spot in Indonesia and will always be at the forefront of exploration in this vast country. Having a hand on the lingo is also invaluable when leading our Indonesian exclusive trips – whether it be negotiating excess luggage at the airport or talking to the local dive guides to make sure our guests will always be diving the best spots!

GBP, USD and EURO payment options
Whilst Equator Diving is based in the UK a lot of our clients are based overseas. Our multi-currency payment options are part of our continuing commitment to offer world-class service to our worldwide clients!