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Humpback Whales migrate to the clear, warm and calm waters of Tonga every year to mate, give birth and nurse their young. The pregnant mothers find a safe place to give birth and then concentrate on getting their babies fit and strong for the 5000km trip back to the feeding grounds in Antarctica. They achieve this by providing the calf with an amazing 500 litres of milk a day. The mature males have only one thing on their mind and that is to find a willing female to mate with. Large pods of males can be seen regularly chasing a female wrestling and jostling for position in what’s called a “heat run”, these can last for days, finally the dominant male having chased off all his rivals gets his prize. We offer resort based trips to Tonga to swim with the Humpback Whales in Tonga’s Ha’apai Islands. The coral atoll wilderness of the Ha’apai Islands is where the greatest number of Humpback Whale pods are found – but almost no other boats, just the fishing canoes of villagers.

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