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Papua New Guinea Liveaboards

Papua New Guinea is truly a lost world. A land of mysteries, head-hunters and exceptional diving! With some of the richest reefs on earth, PNG is one of the few places where you can experience, exhilarating shark encounters, huge schools of fish, and an abundance of rare macro critters all on a single dive! The best diving in PNG is found at Milne Bay and Tufi on the PNG mainland, and at New Britain Island, a one hour flight from PNG’s capital Port Moresby. New Britain is PNG’s largest island and it is here you will find the revered dives sites of Kimbe Bay, the Witu Islands and Father’s Reef.

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The coral reefs in Kimbe Bay are extraordinarily rich – a recent coral count revealed an incredible 413 species of hard coral. This is over half the total world species in one Bay, a truly remarkable statistic which makes Kimbe Bay the “Coral Capital of the World”. Over 900 species of fish have been recorded and this number will continue to grow as more research is done. At the Witu Islands, there are fantastic macro dives and schools of pelagic fish abound on the world renowned Lama Shoals, a sea mount rising to within 15 feet of the surface from the surrounding deep waters. Father’s Reef, to the north east of Kimbe Bay along the northern coast line of New Britain, is a series of offshore reefs, which are the sunken remains of a huge extinct volcanic caldera. The reefs have interesting topography with swim throughs and arches adorned with soft corals and other sea life. Being offshore, these reefs attract many pelagic species including Sharks, Tuna, Barracuda, Turtles and Rays, which all come in to feed off the prolific reef fish and other invertebrate species that have settled here. Dives at these offshore reefs can include encounters with Silvertip, Whitetip and Grey Reef Sharks.

PNG Liveaboards