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Kalimaya Resort

Kalimaya Dive Resort is the first dedicated dive resort in East Sumbawa Island and the only resort offering diving to West Komodo Island, Gili Banta, and Sangeang Volcano. Spend your days underwater enjoying beautiful diving and your evenings with new friends in the restaurant and lounge… or find your own piece of paradise while walking the 400 metre sandy beach of Kalimaya’s private bay. Step out from your lovely beachfront bungalow into some of the best dive sites in the world. Whether you are diving or snorkelling amongst the stunning coral reefs, recharging while relaxing by the pool, wandering the sandy beach, or enjoying a cold beverage in the restaurant lounge, Kalimaya Resort is there to serve all your needs. Guests of Kalimaya have the chance to see Komodo Dragons in the wild, away from the generic ranger station.

Kalimaya Resort’s spacious waterfront bungalows are over 30 square metres (terrace, room and bathroom) with large queen sized beds, air conditioning, private bathrooms including an open outdoor shower, plenty of storage space, a work desk and chair perfect for photo editing, and a beautiful private covered terrace to relax after an amazing day of diving. If you are solo-travelling or looking to share accommodation with a friend, the bungalows can be modified to provide twin accommodations as well. Situated facing east, all bungalows have a direct ocean view so that you can wake up to the sun rising over Komodo Island and Gili Banta, and fall asleep to the sound of waves lapping on the ocean.

Kalimaya Resort’s restaurant and lounge is a beautiful open space where you can relax in comfort enjoying a drink by the pool, or relaxing on the sofas reading a book or socializing. As a small resort, all meals are served family style on a giant communal table offering a variety of dishes influenced by Indonesian, Asian, and International cuisines to keep your taste buds entertained! As part of your stay you will be provided with breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as coffee, tea, and hot water for your enjoyment free of charge in the restaurant. Local beer, wine, and additional snacks are available for purchase throughout the day. At least once a week Kalimaya offers a barbeque night giving you the chance to enjoy local grilled chicken, fish, and vegetables.

Diving with Kalimaya
Areas dived by Kalimaya Resort include West Komodo, Gili Banta, Sangeang Volcano and the Sumbawa coast. At Kalimaya Resort two boat dives are scheduled each day leaving early in the morning and for the rest of the day you can enjoy unlimited house reef dives at the resort’s expansive bay which is home to some truly bucket list marine life!

Kalimaya’s house reef has already provided the following: Paddleflap Rhinopias, Lacy Rhinopias, Bumblebee Shrimps, Candy Crabs, Starry Night Octopus and Bobtail Squid among others. Sangeang Volcano provides a breeding ground for every nudibranch possible (we counted 35 species on our last visit!) along with Wunderpus, Frogfish and so much more… We recommend Kalimaya House Reef, Lapponia, Pipefish City, Disco Doris and any site located on Sangeang Volcano.

Current diving is what Komodo National Park and Gili Banta are particularly famous for. These areas allow us to see bigger, pelagic creatures including but not limited to Blacktip, Whitetip and Grey Reef Sharks, Oceanic and Reef Mantas, Mobula Rays, Eagle Rays, schooling Tuna and Jackfish to name a few… Highlights include Galley Rock, Mexican Hat, Rollercoaster, Pannetonne Wall and The Waterfalls.

Coral diving is a wonderfully relaxed way to explore the beautiful underwater gardens and coral reef habitats near Kalimaya Resort. Think stag-horn corals where Mandarin fish like to mate, to elephant ear coral where you have a chance to see Bumblebee Shrimps. Get ready to be amazed by some of the healthiest corals in the world which beautiful reef fish and turtles call home. Kalimaya Canyon, Roger’s Reef, Easter Island and J’s Dream are particular sweet spots for coral diving.

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