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NAD Lembeh Resort

NAD Lembeh Resort features ten Beachfront Rooms and five Seaview Bungalows. The resort has an open air restaurant and common area with adjacent camera room and rebreather facilities. On their grassy area there is a pool/jacuzzi combo and sunbeds for people to do a little relaxing in between dives, and a floating jetty to make access to the boats as dignified and comfortable as possible. The dive team at NAD Lembeh Resort is the largest and likely one of the most experienced in Lembeh. They ask their staff to be eco-sensitive as well as responsible for their environment. Their guides are great spotters, and they have enough of them to offer a 2:1 guest to dive guide ratio!

NAD Lembeh Resort has two different room types, both of which look out over the sea.

Beachfront Rooms
Beachfront Rooms have been renovated in 2012, and all have a view looking over the pool and the bay. The rooms feature air conditioning, hot water rain style shower, hanging space, shelf space and a computer desk. Then either a king size double bed or 2 x full width single beds. These are the best rooms for people who do not like to walk far or do not like steps.

Seaview Bungalows
Seaview Bungalows are stand alone wooden style bungalows. They feature balconies that look over the bay from an elevated position and a slightly larger bathroom than the Beachfront Rooms. The Seaview Bungalows also feature an additional day room on the side with extra bed.

NAD Lembeh Resort has a large Camera Room featuring individual workstations, and overspill benches for those who like to spread. The NAD Lembeh Camera Room is situated in between the rebreather room and the restaurant/clubhouse so your underwater photography toys are never too far away. NAD Lembeh believe that your cameras should have a nice room to live in when you are not diving, and the resort owners keep their own camera equipment in the same room so they are frequently around if you need to ask any questions. In Lembeh camera rooms are very important and NAD Lembeh Resort has one of the best!

Camera Room at NAD Lembeh Resort

Diving with NAD
The dive center at NAD Lembeh Resort features a Nitrox Membrane, 3 well maintained compressors and a huge filter system to keep your air clean and dry. They have 4 large comfortable dive boats with fast eco-friendly engines, and a large dive team offering you 2:1 guest to dive guide ratio, the best ratio from any resort in Lembeh! House Reef diving is available for free to guests staying on a 5 nights (3 day boat dives a day) or longer package.

Diving the Lembeh Strait
For macro photography it is hard to compete with Lembeh in North-East Sulawesi. Open up any coffee table book featuring macro critters and you can be sure Lembeh’s name will appear again and again. The list of critters that can be encountered at Lembeh is endless. During our last visit to Lembeh the diving blew us away – it was even better than our first visit and the Blue Ring’s we had come to see were there in abundance. It definitely pays to do your research if you want to photograph a particular critter! Our dive sites included famous names like Nudi Retreat, Hairball and Nudi Falls and the array of critters we encountered was spectacular – Hairy Frogfish, Juvenile Warty Frogfish, Robust Ghost Pipefish, Hairy Octopus, Flamboyant Cuttlefish, Wunderpus, Mimic Octopus, Hairy Shrimp, Lembeh Sea Dragon, and Pontohi Pygmy Seahorse all made their way in front of our camera! But in places like Lembeh it is not just about finding and photographing these critters, if you stick around you can easily watch each of their unique behaviours – Pygmy Cuttlefish feeding, Lizardfish hunting their prey, Goby and Shrimp living together and our highlight – two Blue Ring Octopus feeding and mating!