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Papua Paradise Eco Resort

Papua Paradise Resort lies along the pristine shoreline of the uninhabited island of Birie, Raja Ampat. The island is teeming with exotic bird life, lush jungle foliage, and a spectacular array of fauna, while the reefs in the surrounding area offer world class diving. Built in traditional style, Papua Paradise offers an exceptionally high standard of comfort and service. This ideal retreat away from civilization, echoing with only the sound of the birds and the lapping of the waves under the bungalows, Papua Paradise offers simple yet comfortable accommodation. Dive with Mantas, Sharks, and shoals of schooling fish, explore reef slopes with some of the widest diversity of corals in the world and some of the best macro diving in Raja Ampat, and end the day with a perfect ocean sunset view from your private balcony.

Papua Paradise Resort has 26 over-water bungalows (10 Deluxe Rooms & 16 Superior Rooms) with spacious sunset verandas overlooking a long stretch of pristine house reef. All bungalows are equipped with complimentary coffee/tea making facilities, safety deposit box, pedestal fan, mosquito net, ocean view desk and sunbeds on their verandas. Additional features of Deluxe Rooms include four poster King sized “King Koil” bed, corner couch, mini bar, hair dryer and day bed on their two-tier verandas.

Papua Paradise Resort’s Seaview Restaurant overlooks the pristine house reef, the surface of which is constantly rippling with leaping baitfish and the lithe juvenile reef sharks that live in the bay. The restaurant serves a variety of European and Indonesian Cuisine on an elaborate buffet, and no effort is spared in the kitchens to ensure the highest quality of the food and service. All locally grown produce available (such as bananas, jackfruit, cassava, water spinach, various other greens and more) is purchased from villages in the surrounding islands; many other vegetables and fruits come from the resort’s vegetable garden, while other items are purchased from the local port of Sorong. Specialty items like yoghurt, all bread and cakes, as well as pasta and ravioli are all homemade and are served fresh.

Gangga Divers at Papua Paradise Resort is a PADI diving center, offering four dives per day, two in the morning starting at 7.45/08.00am, one in the afternoon at 2.30pm, and one in the evening/or night (Dusk dives or night dives). There is a maximum ratio of 4 divers per guide. The resort’s house reef is the perfect spot for snorkeling and can be explored by yourself free of charge. Gangga Divers also offers a full range of PADI courses, equipment rental, and complimentary Nitrox for Nitrox certified divers. The resort’s dive boats are purpose built for diving, and are each equipped with oxygen, first aid kits, fresh towels, hot drinks, snacks and fruit, as well as VHF Radio and standard marine safety equipment, and crew who are standing by to assist guests in all aspects of the dive.

Diving Raja Ampat
Raja Ampat is probably the hottest diving location on the planet right now, amazing scientists and divers alike, with its sheer number of species, big and small. In Raja Ampat screens of glassfish hide Tasselled Wobbegongs and at night the ‘Walking Sharks’ come out to play. Pygmy Seahorse cling to spectacular sea fans and there are unforgettable Manta congregations and Mushroom Island landscapes. Many underwater photographers testify that no where on earth can compete with Raja Ampat and they return again and again to produce stunning cover shots!

Most resorts are located in North Raja Ampat, this includes Papua Paradise Resort, Papua Explorers Resort, Kri Eco Resort and Sorido Bay Resort, whilst only Misool Eco Resort is located in South Raja Ampat. In the North of Raja Ampat the currents produce high adrenaline dives, whilst in the South the diving has a more relaxing feel. Some of the key areas in North Raja Ampat include the Gam Islands with the famous Passage dive site, Arborek Island with close by Manta Sandy dive site, and the Dampier Strait, home to Kri and Mansuar Islands. In the Dampier strait you can dive for day after day on the richest dive sites in the world – including Sardine reef, Cape Kri, Mioskon and newly discovered Roland’s Woho. Diving in the Dampier Strait expect large schools of Trevally, Barracuda, Fusiliers, Bumphead Parrotfish, Sweetlips, Batfish, Reef Sharks, Mantas, lots of Wobbegong, Pygmy Seahorse, Frogfish and on sunset and night dives, the Papuan Epaulette Shark, Ornate Ghost Pipefish and Toadfish! It was at Kri Island that the Ichthyologist Dr Gerald Allen famously identified 374 different species of fish on a single dive. Closer to Sorong is Batanta Island where macro enthusiasts can fill their cameras with photos of Wunderpus, Mimic Octopus and other critter favourites!

In the South of Raja Ampat the diving is focused around Misool and it’s small neighbouring islands and again it is the diversity of Raja Ampat that makes this such a special area. Photographers always love the South as there are less currents and a perfusion of fish life both big and small. Dive sites such as Nudi Rock, Yilliet, Magic Mountain and Boo Windows are always amongst the favourites.