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Triton Bay

Triton Bay is Papua’s final frontier, located to the south of famed Raja Ampat, Triton Bay is only visited by a handful of liveaboards each year and those who make the journey are duly rewarded. Triton Bay is accessed from the town of Kaimana and most liveaboard trips combine Triton Bay with either Raja Ampat or the Banda Sea. This allows you to also dive the isolated islands in between, such as Pulau Koon renowned for its huge schools of fish or Pulau Pisang where Mantas are encountered at The Dome and T-Bone Reef dive sites. As you sail along the Papuan coast you can also see some amazing topside scenery, such as the spectacular waterfall close to Momon Bay that tumbles from the rainforest into the sea, the ancient rock art on the sea cliffs of Bitsyara Bay that are 3000-5000 years old, and the hidden paradise beach at Mauwara Bay.

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The species diversity at Triton Bay rivals that of Raja Ampat, with Dr Gerald Allen identifying 330 different species of fish on a single dive, and the spectacular soft corals can rival those found in Fiji. Many of Triton Bay’s best dive sites are found in the Iris Strait, which runs between the mainland and offshore Aiduma Island. Highlight dive sites include Little Komodo, Seventh Heaven (aka Larry’s Dive Heaven), Batu Jeruk, Bo’s Rainbow, Macro Rocks and Disneyland. At these sites you can expect everything from Turtles, Bumphead Parrotfish, huge Groupers, Wobbegongs, Epaulette ‘Walking’ Sharks, schooling Jacks, Barracuda, Mackerels, Rainbow Runners and Fusiliers to Pygmies (Denise, Bargibanti and Pontohi), Solar-powered Nudibranchs, Wunderpus, Blue Ring Octopus, Frogfish, Flasher Wrasse and Ornate Ghost Pipefish. Triton Bay is also home to Bagan fishermen, and similar to Cendrawasih Bay, Whale Sharks can often be found feeding under their Bagan fishing boats.

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