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Turneffe Island Resort

Turneffe Island Resort is a 14-acre private island resort that offers an exclusive all-inclusive experience – its isolation beckons only the most avid to venture the journey, while its size assures only an intimate gathering of guests. With 22 guestrooms, privacy is standard and the resort’s staff easily outnumber the guests at any given time, here to enhance your stay at sea with personalized, white-glove service. Nestled on the coral island of Little Caye Bokel, the resort sits at the southern elbow of one of the world’s unspoken wonders, the Turneffe Atoll. Formed centuries ago, Belize’s Turneffe Atoll was once an oceanic mountainous peak. With time and tectonic shifts in the earth’s crust, the peak sank to the sea floor, leaving only a coral reef around its perimeter. The coral continued to grow upon itself into a string of coral islands, which today is known as the Turneffe Atoll – a tangle of land, lagoons, channels and reef – and the lifeblood of the Caribbean’s world-renowned diving.

Deluxe Rooms
The Deluxe Rooms are Turneffe Island Resort’s standard lodging. Welcoming you when you step off the boat, they are steps from the dive shop, so you can walk the white sand path to your next adventure in a matter of seconds every morning after breakfast.

Superior Rooms
Perched atop the Deluxe Rooms, the resort’s Superior Rooms are easily accessible from the docks for early morning excursions into the breadths and depths of the Caribbean Sea. With a private staircase, they offer heightened privacy and views of the Caribbean’s endless horizons.

Private Villas
Wander down the white-sand beach to your Private Villa, a buttercream cottage with a red tin roof overlooking the sea. With additional space and privacy from your neighbors, open the double doors and feel the breeze blow through your room. This is your private paradise.

With two resident massage therapists, you can indulge in a daily massage, sink your heels into a pedicure or relieve yourself of the sun with a locally-sourced seaweed wrap. Overlook the Caribbean Sea, listen to the waves and the tinkering of steel drums, and escape to Turneffe Island Resort’s Serenity Spa.

Fusing traditional Belizean fare with flavours as worldly as the visiting guests, Turneffe Island Resort offers a five-star culinary experience. From fresh coffee delivered to your doorstep before sunrise every day to an outdoor BBQ after the sun sets every Friday, your meals are catered to with quality and flair.

From the Sayonara Wreck to the Elbow, Turneffe Island Resort’s location boasts unrivaled access to Belize’s most lucrative dives. With valet style service, the resort’s dive team transports and cleans all of your equipment from dive to dive, so you can sit back, relax and soak in the sea spray between dives. You return to the resort for all surface intervals, so you can feast on lunch, refuel and recharge for the next dive and your next adventure below the surface. Whether you dive or snorkel, Turneffe Island Resort’s weekly day trip to the legendary Great Blue Hole is a must-experience. Descend to depths that drain the water of its colour, where a gravesite of giant stalactites is the main attraction and the unnerving shapes of sharks emerge from watery voids.