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Alor & Flores

The volcanic islands that stretch from East Flores to Alor provide for some of the best liveaboard trips in Indonesia, fascinating both beneath the waves and on land. The islands visited in this area include Flores, Adonara, Solor, Lembata, Pantar, Alor and offshore Komba Volcano, which erupts every 10 minutes! On a trip from East Flores to Alor you can expect an amazing array of critters, including the rare Rhinopias and Wunderpus, some high voltage big fish dives, pods of Dolphins, and if you are lucky Sperm Whales or Blue Whales migrating through the Pantar Strait or resting in Kalabahi Bay. The children of Alor who love to dive down to meet you with their famous wooden goggles are also a highlight on a trip in this area.

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Liveaboards operating the East Flores to Alor route also offer some interesting land tour options, such as visiting hill tribes or the famous three-coloured crater lakes of Kelimutu. To explore this area you can either take a trip that starts and finishes in Maumere (Flores) allowing you to dive both the north and south coasts of the East Flores to Alor island chain or you can take a trip that passes through the East Flores to Alor island chain on route to the Forgotten Islands or the Banda Sea. You can also dive Alor from Alami Alor Resort or the new Alor Tanapi Resort. These resorts are within each reach of many amazing dive sites where they can find everything from Rhinopias to Mola Mola and schooling Hammerheads!

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